In today's economic climate, it's rare for a company to have too much business. In fact, most companies have down time or idle inventory. There are always items a business needs to buy, however, disappointing sales can mean a shortage of cash - that's where exchanging goods or services through the Tradesource network can be most valuable.

Exchanging goods or services (commonly known as bartering) is the original business system known to man - it is however, alive and growing within the global business community with over 600,000* businesses alone in the USA and many more worldwide, including 70%* of the top 500 fortune companies. (*figures from I.R.T.A.)

Why exchange? Exchanging not only allows your business to save cash, it helps your business increase sales and helps you get goods or services you genuinely need quickly and efficiently - it is the key to an efficient, smooth-running business.

By joining the Tradesource network you will benefit from several programs which include: Trade Exchange, Loyalty, Referrals, Travel and Media. Working through Tradesource you can find new markets, new companies, new customers, new contacts and find new ways to generate new business.

All you need to benefit from Tradesource is an open mind and a good business head.

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