ImmunOnOne - Needless Acupuncture Medical Device Promotes Self-Healing

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The ImmunOnOne Self-Healer is a small lightweight personal electronic therapy device. It emits pulsed photonic and magnetic fields and induces intermittent galvanic current in human tissue by pulsed rotary magnetic field emission. These fields are superimposed and the pulses are interposed to provide stimulus for assisting the human body in the self healing process. The photonic emission is produced by super-infrared and super-green LED’s. The emission fields are controlled by a microcontroller, using secure proprietary programming for optimal therapeutic performance.

Technical Data
•1-500 Hz broadband square wave output pulses
•90 µT magnetic field intensity.
•525 nm green LED with 13 cd luminosity
•945 nm infra-red LED with 18 cd luminosity
Included with product
•Extra set of Alkaline AAA 1.5 V batteries
•Neck lanyard with Immune Sentry logo
•Phillips screw driver for #2 screws
•User instruction, includes warranty information
•Product package size: 200 mm x135 mm x 68 mm; (8 in x 5 ¼ in x 2 ¾ in.)
•Product package weight with product and accessories: 204.2 g; (7.2 oz)
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