Ninja Coffee Bar Drink Machine w/ Thermal Carafe (Refurbished) (Open B

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Ninja Coffee Bar Drink Machine w/ Thermal Carafe (Refurbished) (Open Box). Manufactured refurbished. Tested and repaired if necessary to meet 'new' mechanical specifications. Originally Prices at $150.00.

This beautifully refurbished Ninja Coffee Bar with Thermal Carafe is the ideal companion for your morning coffee and energy. Ninjas patent-pending brewing technology is designed to deliver better, richer- tasting coffee with variable richness levels that are never bitter. Featuring an easily accessible Thermal Flavor Extraction that offers the full flavor of your coffee using automated controls for Temperature Calibration, Pre-infusion & Coffee Saturation. Also featuring several brewing size options and strength of your brew. At the touch of a button, this Ninja Coffee Bar with Thermal Carafe feature's Thermal Flavor Extraction enables you to dial up flavor whatever flavor of richness you desire from Classic mode's smooth and balanced flavor, Rich mode's creamier and sweeter flavor, Ice mode'shot over ice to lock in flavor for a freshly brewed iced coffee, or Specialty mode's super-rich concentrate designed to create hot milk-based, iced, and frozen blended coffeehouse-style drinks. This Ninja Coffee Bar with Thermal Carafe also comes with the Ninja Easy Frother, which froths milk and cream for making delicious coffeehouse-style drinks, such as latte-style drinks, cappuccino-style drinks, or even iced blended drinks.