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Whether it's facial hair, bikini line or other areas, Denise Hurley Aesthetics can remove those unsightly hairs. Why Electrolysis -

** has a safe and proven track record.
** has been used safely and effectively since 1875.
** has been proven to be permanent.
** gives freedom from constant use of temporary methods of hair removal.
** gives freedom from hair growth that causes you distress or unattractive appearance .
** treatment is not restricted to certain hair and skin colors.
** treatment is easier than you think when performed by a competent operator.
Denise is a Registered Electrologist, Licensed Cosmetologist Aesthetician, Certified Cosmetic Technician and Laser Technician. To schedule an appointment call Denise at 602-647-4014. Then call the Tradesource office to get your certificate to see Denise. For more information, visit her website at Denisehurley.com.