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The 19-Inch, "Star Spangled Banner" wind chime. The notes from our National Anthem s last line are brought to life with this hand-tuned wind chime. Let freedom ring with each gentle breeze! 8 tubular chimes: G,A,B,C,D,E,F,G J.W. Stannard has long been recognized as one of the premier wind chime manufacturers. According to the most recent research, 85-Percent of responding consumers bought J.W. Stannard s chimes because of the sound quality. EACH bell is individually hand-tuned to ensure that every chime plays exactly the notes inscribed on the wind catcher. The sound is so precise; it is considered a musical instrument. Each bell will maintain the chime s perfect pitch and never rust. Removable hangers slip out to wrap around tree branches or any closed support. Diamond Line, the indestructible fiber used to tether satellites, holds the Stannard chimes together. The tops and wind catchers are made from weather resistant hardwoods and hand-rubbed with three coats of marine varnish to preserve their natural luster. The musical notes played by the chime AND THE AMERICAN FLAG are silkscreened on the hardwood wind catcher.