XK Detect X380 2.4GHz Innovations RC Drone without Camera and Gimbal

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The Detect X380 quad-copter has a sturdy body that features an ABS frame. It also has a powerful receiver that will take in signals with ease without worrying about interference getting in the way. Its battery will run for an extended amount of time with the potential for it to go for about thirty minutes before it has to be recharged. PS: this product is a not recommended for a novice, but for a flyer who has a understanding of RC model and master some flight skills.

What you get in Standard Configuration packaging:
The XK Detect X380 quad-copter, A mode 2 transmitter operating at 2.4GHz, A battery charger, A USB cable that is used to install firmware updates and connect to the Flight control software, A 11.1V 5400mAh Li-Po battery, Two pairs of propellers (no spare propellers), A small wrench. What makes it stand out of others: This is a very stable flying quad-copter.
A Barometer and a GPS device is used inside the quad-copter so it can easily identify where it starts up. This allows it to move back to its starting point when you use the proper button on the transmitter to bring it back.
This can fly about 1,000 meters or about 3,280 feet away from the transmitter.