Look Younger & Slimmer - Call Dermacare Safe LIPO


FACE- Look seven years younger, for seven years. No more double chin! The nonsurgical face and neck lift by Dermacare lifts and tightens skin, Improves fine lines and deep wrinkles and skin tone and texture. These are injections with two safe natural substances, Including deoxycholate a.k.a. KyBella™. Treatments are done in a series of three at least 30 days apart.

BODY - Spot fat that diet and exercise just can’t get to you?Large area that needs fat dissolved permanently and skin tightening for true body sculpting? This is the only non-surgical permanent body sculpting procedure that ACTUALLY works.
Triple the patient satisfaction of cool sculpting at less than 1/3 the cost. These treatments are have been provided for over 20 years worldwide for over 300,000 patients, very effectively very safely and affordably. For more information, call Carl at 602-717-3484 or visit his website at DermaCarelaserclinics.com.