Thermal Imaging - A Safe Alternative to Mammograms!

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Are you ready for your next mammogram? Here's a safe alternative that is even more effective! Thermal Imaging Benefits -

*A non-invasive, non-contact procedure, doesn't compress the breast.
*Doesn't involve expose to radiation - safe to have done
*It can detect vascular changes in breast tissue associated with breast cancer man years in advance of other methods of screening.
*Thermal Imaging scans can detect breast cancer cells up to 10 years earlier than traditional mammography scans.
*It can be used for all women, including those with dense breast tissue and breast implants.
Other screenings are for full body, half body, prostate and testicular scans. And, you can get it on trade as most medical insurance plans do not cover thermography. To schedule an appointment call 623-243-7100 and for more information, visit their website at Thermalimagingcenters.com and