JW Stannard 72" Tabernacle Wind Chime with On/Off Clapper Multi Color

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The 72-Inch, "Tabernacle" wind chime. The 6 foot length of this chime adds rich overtones. Each bell acts as a chord. 4 tubular chimes: E, F#, G#, B J.W. Stannard has long been recognized as one of the premier wind chime manufacturers. According to the most recent research, 85-Percent of responding consumers bought J.W. Stannard s chimes because of the sound quality. EACH bell is individually hand-tuned to ensure that every chime plays exactly the notes inscribed on the wind catcher. The sound is so precise; it is considered a musical instrument. Each bell will maintain the chime s perfect pitch and never rust. Protective nylon grommets are used on the chimes to minimize each cord's contact with each bell, increasing cord life by 700-Percent and producing a clearer, cleaner sound.