Medical Anti-Aging, Increase Immune System and Longevity

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Dr. Steve focuses on pain relief, anti-aging, allergies and immunity, and energy. As the founder of Kaizen Progressive Health, Dr. Steve and his practitioners take a personal approach by addressing patient’s unique health and functional wellness needs. With a wide range of advanced, non-addictive and non-invasive treatments available, Dr. Steve’s protocol’s serve as a guide for patients to feeling better today and stay better tomorrow. Treatments at his medically integrative clinic include IV vitamin therapy, massage, PT, allergy treatments, chiropractic, and additional regenerative therapies.

One of the most profound and important protocols for Anti-Aging is NAD therapy. NAD, or nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide is a compound found deep in our cells. It assists with vital functions like repairing DNA, maintaining cell health, and boosting our immune system. NAD also increases energy and gives your metabolism a boost. NAD is not just beneficial in slowing the aging process, but actually reverses the process. Not all NAD protocols are equal. The delivery of NAD is key. Most clinics offer a sublingual tablet, but the molecule is to large to be utilized by the cells. We offer cutting edge delivery of NAD, using a patch that has a small hearing aid battery to push the NAD subdermally directly into the bloodstream. This can also be accomplished with a NAD IV, which we also offer at Kaizen. The IV protocol is difficult because it is a very slow drip averaging about 5-8 hours and needs to be done for 5 consecutive days for full benefit. The patches are as effective, but also practical for busy lifestyle. Our program also incorporates supplements to provide proper foundation for NAD therapy. You can expect the following benefits from NAD therapy: Better Strength performance, improved healing,weight loss, muscle tone, mental clarity, strengthen immune system, improved sleep and mood.