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Expand your adverting for your business and reach a large demographic in the LBGTQ community. The gay and lesbian community is fast becoming one of the most lucrative untapped markets in the country. Smart companies are realizing the profit potential in targeting this demographic. Gay-friendly businesses witness the loyalty that this unique demographic possesses and influences with their financial support. Since 1995, JMT Designs has specialized in creative, cost-effective marketing solutions for Fortune 50 subsidiary companies of Chrysler, General Motors, Kmart and Boeing. In 2001, we expanded to bring our years of experience and talented staff to the Arizona LGBTQ community. Today, we offer complete marketing and promotional services dedicated to reaching this growing demographic. Whether it be publishing, creative graphic design, internet promotions, social media and special events, JMT Designs can bring this community to your business. Arizona is one of the fastest growing states in the country and the LGBTQ community is one of the most lucrative markets with disposable income. Let JMT Designs help you reach this community while helping your business reach new heights. Call the Trandsource office at 602-996-1557 for more information.