B.O.N. Skincare Dry Brushing Body Brush

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Dry body brushing is an effective exfoliating treatment removing dead skin cells and revitalizing the skin to give it a natural glow. Leaves the skin feeling incredibly smooth and radiant. Additional benefits include assistance with circulation, boosting lymphatic drainage and improvement in the appearance of cellulite. A wholesome and simple beauty treatment for feelings of overall wellness for your body. Premium quality bath brush - the bristles are longer than most other brushes and are attached directly to the wood with no plastic filler that is used by inferior quality and cheap brushes. Remove bristle brush head for close-to-reach areas and insert long ergonomically shaped handle for difficult-to-reach areas like the back. Includes a waterproof travel bag, LIMITED TIME OFFER of a free cellulose facial sponge.

Dark natural wood, long detachable handle; longer bristles; natural boar bristles that are not as hard as cactus bristles that are scratchy, but not as soft as plastic ones that are ineffective; no cheap plastic parts; travel bag and directions included.